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Book Creator

Device iPad, Chromebook, Windows
Grade Level 3-12
Experience Level Beginner
Project Type Written Text and Video
Materials None


  • Add multimedia elements such as drawings, audio and video to your book
  • Publish books to iBooks from an iPad


  • Some formatting is changed when the book is published on an iPad
  • No tools for collaboration

What is Book Creator?

The Book Creator app can be used to create, read and publish interactive digital books. You can add text and images to create books, portfolios, lab reports, or even a comic book. Make your book more interactive by adding audio and video to the pages.

How do you use the app?

Book Creator is easy to use and is accessible even for elementary students. When you start a new book, you can choose from portrait, square, landscape, or comic shapes for the pages. Content such as images, text, drawings, maps, and audio can be added to the page by pressing the + button. Add colors and background images by clicking on the i menu.

To learn more about using Book Creator, go to support.bookcreator.com

How do students share their projects?

Book Creator offers a variety of formats for publishing a book. You can publish it as a ePub for ebook readers, a PDF, or online. An ePub file is a good option for sharing an unfinished project or saving a backup to Google Drive. A PDF file is a good option if you want to print the book. Keep in mind that if you save the file as a PDF, you will not be able to use any multimedia elements such as audio or video. Another option is to share your book online and get a link view it online. This can only be done with a teacher account.

The iPad app provides an additional option to save the book as a video which is ideal for books with multimedia elements.

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