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Device iPad, Chromebook, Windows
Grade Level 9-12
Experience Level Experienced
Project Type Virtual Reality
Materials None


  • Built highly immersive VR experiences
  • Ability to build with minimal coding experience
  • Share with link or QR code


  • Only 30 seats available in the free version
  • Unavailable to younger users

What is CoSpacesEDU?

CoSpacesEDU allows the user to design and build a virtual worlds reflecting content from any subject.

How do you use the app?

Students log in with their Google accounts and join with a unique code they get from the teacher. Students build their environment and characters using a drag-and-drop menu. Objects can be animated using a block style coding called CoBlocks.

How do students share their projects?

When the students have finished building thier projects, they generate a link or QR code for others to join.

Tutorial and Project Ideas

Creation Stations Project Ideas