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Green Screen

Support Website
Device iPad
Grade Level K-12
Experience Level Intermediate
Media Type Video
Materials Green Screen, Microphone, iPad holders


  • Students can put themselves anywhere in the universe
  • You can use video or still images
  • Excellent help menu


  • Only three layers available for layering images and video
  • Playback can sometimes be choppy for lager projects

What is Green Screen?

The green screen effect works by combining images from up to three sources into a single image. The two or three source images are stacked in layers, one in front of the other.

How do you use the app?

After creating a new project you can add video or images from your camera roll, or directly from the camera. The images you want in the top two layers should be taken in front of a green screen.

You may add an image source to any of the three layers. Sources added to the top layer are shown in front of sources added to the middle layer, and sources added to the bottom layer are shown in the background. Sources in the top two layers are images or video with a green screen behind the objects you want to stay visible. You may resize or spin the images using a pinch gesture.

How do students share their work?

When your project is completed, you may export as a still image or a video to your camera roll.

Tutorial and Project Ideas

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