Green Screen

Works with iPad

Transport yourself to a far away land, tell a story, explain an idea, and express yourself in truly creative and unique ways.

Tutorial Video

Watch the tutorial video to learn how to use the app.

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Think about a place you would LOVE to visit (Disneyland, Mt. Everest, Hawaii, etc.). Find a picture or video clip of this place, and use the green screen app, equipment, and supplies to digitally transport yourself there. Don't forget to save your creation to your camera roll!

  1. Start a new project in the Green Screen app.
  2. Choose a picture from your camera roll or Safari for your background.
  3. Place your iPad on the tripod and stand in front of the green screen and strike a pose.
  4. Have a friend snap the picture or record the video for you.
  5. Save to camera roll

Don't worry about making your project perfect for now. Just have fun and learn how to use the app.


An iPad with the Green Screen app.

Photos and Videos

Green screen (or another solid color) and tape. You can find a green table cloth at your local party store.

Quiet space for recording

Tripod with iPad holder


Click on the share icon to share your completed project.


Examples may be added to the examples page.