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Create time-lapse and stop-motion videos

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Watch the tutorial video to learn how to use the app.

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Create an annimated story or show the steps it takes to solve a math problem using iMotion. You will need to either write or act out the scenes or steps. Here are some tips for success:

Before you begin: Write out your story or problem, gather your materials (markers, legos, paper, play dough, etc.). Set up your iPad so that the camera is facing your work space.

While using the iMotion app: Remember to choose the manual feature before starting a new project. Select display and then tap on the square to create a shadow which will help when moving your items between captures. Move your hand out of the camera viewing area before selecting capture.

When Finished: Tap stop two times and then export your project to your photo library.

Don't worry about making your project perfect for now. Just have fun and learn how to use the app.


An iPad with the iMotion app


Paper and Markers



Click on the share icon to share your completed project.


Examples may be added to the examples page.