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Canvas Quizzes

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Grade Level 3-12
Set-up Moderate
Question Types Multiple Choice, Short Response, True/False, Dropdown, Matching
Searchable Examples No
Group Size Individual


  • Integrates with the Skyward grade book for secondary teachers
  • Questions and quizzes are banked and stored forever
  • Quizzes can be built to replicate iReady and SBAC
  • Videos and images can be added to a question


  • Math questions are more challenging to create
  • Some question types are not as intuative to create

What are Canvas Quizzes?

Canvas Quizzes are created and administered in the Canvas LMS. Question types include free response, multiple choice, true and false, dropdown list, matching, fill in the blank, numerical answer, formula, and file uploads. Quizzes take a little longer to create, but the grading can be automated for most questions.

What is set-up like?

The Canvas Commons (this is the Canvas shared space) does have pre-made quizzes for many content areas which can be set up quickly. The set-up process ranges from simple to challenging based on the types of questions. Questions requiring multiple fill in the blank responses will require the most time. The teacher publishes the quiz and it is completed independently by the student. A teacher can also set multiple attempts if desired.

What type of data feedback is available?

During a quiz the teacher can see live data for all students testing. When the quiz is complete a full class breakdown of each question can be generated along with overall class success.Assessment is dependent on the questions being created by the teacher. The classroom teacher sets the point value of each question. Settings can also be created to allow students to see how they are doing throughout the quiz.

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