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Puppet Pals

HD Director's Pass

Devices iPad
Grade Level 3-12
Experience Level Beginner
Media Type Video/Audio
Materials None


  • Catalog of characters and backgrounds are provided or you can add your own from your camera roll
  • Move characters around the screen, resize them, and make characters change direction
  • Limitless possibilities of story creations
  • Record and save several shows


  • Video cannot be edited within the app

What is Puppet Pals?

Puppet Pals is an app that allows you to create and record animated cartoons. Children unlock creativity with this easy to use (but hard to put down) interactive puppet show! Even young children can create high quality cartoons from their imaginations. Kids can even star in the show alongside the built-in characters!

How do you use the app?

Puppet Pals has been given a beginner rating because it is easy to use and puppet shows can be produced quickly. Simply tap "Press to Start" and choose up to eight actors from the available theme packs or add your own characters from your camera roll.. Next, select up to five backgrounds. Swipe and pinch to place, resize, and move characters. Tap the red button to record audio, tap the yellow button to pause, and tap the white square to stop. Tap a tassel to change backgrounds. Give the performance a title, and save.

How do students share their projects?

When you are satisfied with your recording, tap the save icon and give your project a title. This will automatically save it within the app. To export your project, open your saved shows, tap export to send your video to your camera roll.

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