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Device iPad
Grade Level 3-12
Experience Level Intermediate
Media Type Video
Materials Play-dough, legos, or other building objects


  • Easily create time-lapse and stop motion videos
  • Editing tools for deleting individual frames
  • Control capture with a second device or with sound


  • You cannot edit a saved project

What is iMotion?

iMotion is an iPad app that allows you to do timelapse and stop animation videos. Many still images are joined together to make videos.

How do you use the app?

You can choose between four different modes when you create a new movie. The time-lapse mode is used to continuously capture images over an interval of time to make it appear that time is moving faster than normal. When creating time-lapse videos, set the intervals between each capture by using the slider and then press start. Manual mode allows you to make stop motion animations. Set-up your scene and capture images as you make small movements. Tap on the display button to turn on the onion skin filter (the icon with two overlapping squares) to preview your last capture.

The other two modes let you control the camera with another device or microphone. We strongly recommend using a tripod to keep the iPad steady as you record your project.

How do students share their work?

Tap the stop button twice when you have completed your project. You will be able to preview your project and adjust the frame rate if needed. You can edit specific frames using the tools option or save your project to the camera roll using the export option.

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