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Grade Level 6-12
Set-up Moderate
Searchable Examples No
Question Types Multiple Choice, Written Response, True/False
Group Size Individuals


  • Works on an iPad and embeds nicely into Canvas
  • Data goes directly to a Google sheet
  • Works with YouTube videos


  • Limited sources for videos
  • Sometimes difficult to get questions at the correct point in the video

What is Vizia?

Vizia is an assessment tool that engages students as they watch video content from YouTube. Videos are added to Vizia where the teacher is able to add a quiz, polls, responses, or a call to action.

What is set-up like?

Setup is completed by going to the website and login using your Google account. The second step is to paste a YouTube URL and video with link to share are created. Students are sent a link and answers the tasks while watching the video.

What type of data feedback is available?

Students receive a link or a site with the embed video. While students watch the video the video will automatically pause when it arrives at a teacher selected question. Upon completion of the last task, responses are sent to a Google Sheet for data collection. Data can be analyzed using charts and statistics in Google Sheets.

See it in Action