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Adobe Spark Video

Devices iPad, Chromebook, Windows
Grade Level 8-12
Experience Level Intermediate
Media Type Video
Materials None


  • Variety of examples in the inspiration gallery
  • Easy access to images and icons
  • Professional looking animations and transitions
  • Projects sync between web and app versions


  • Must be 13+ to create an account
  • Layouts are very limited

What is Adobe Spark Video?

With Adobe Spark Video you can create engaging animated videos in minutes using images, videos, text, recorded voice and music. Students frequently use the app to create videos to tell a story, create personal introductions, summarize an activity, present to the class, and promote events.

How do you use the app?

Students will be asked to login when they first use the app or if they haven’t used the app for a while. They should login using their school Google account. After logging in, they can tap on the add button to create a new video or search through examples in the inspiration gallery.

The project is arranged in a series of slides. Text and images can be added to slides by tapping on the add buttons. Tap on the record button to record audio narration. You will see tips reminding you to keep you message short on each slide as you record audio. The tabs at the top of the screen can be used to modify the layout of each slide, change the overall theme, or add music to the project.

How do students share their projects?

The slides are combined to make a single video when they are finished. Videos are saved to the iPad camera roll and can be shared in a variety of ways including Canvas, Google Drive, and email.

Tutorial and Project Ideas

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