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Seesaw Activities

Grade Level 3-5
Set-up Moderate
Question Types Written Response, Drawing
Searchable Examples Yes
Group Size Individual


  • Find activities created by others or share your own
  • Share activities with students directly in Seesaw
  • Variety of tools available for collecting student work


  • Limited options for grading student work only available in the pro version

What are Seesaw Activities?

Teachers connected in Seesaw can easily view and share student work using Seesaw Activities. Teachers create a prompt and students use creative tools to capture their learning and save it to a portfolio. The teacher can provide personalized feedback and even showcase student work on a public blog. A searchable database of activities, called the activity library, includes a variety of activities created by other teachers that can be filtered by grade level and subject.

What is set-up like?

If you are using Seesaw for the first time, the first step is to login and view your classes. You can search the activity library or create a customized activity of your own by clicking on the big green button in the teacher dashboard. The teacher creates a prompt which can include an example or other multimedia such as images or videos. Teachers see all of the activities they have liked or created by clicking on "My Library".

What type of data feedback is available?

Students respond using images, audio, video, drawings, links, or files. The teacher approves all posts before they are posted to the class blog. The pro version of Seesaw allows teachers to connect student posts with desired skills and assign a 1-4 star rating.

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