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Explain Everything

Device iPad, Chromebook, Windows
Grade Level 3-12
Experience Level Advanced
Media Type Video and Images
Materials None


  • Easily import photos, videos, and PowerPoint slides
  • Robust tools for creating drawings and animations
  • Annotate videos and websites


  • Extensive options for creating and editing videos may be challenging for novice users
  • Collaborative features are only available on the paid subscription version

What is Explain Everything?

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app for creating videos with annotations and animations. You could use the app record lectures and flip your classroom. Students can use the app to create presentations or explain their thinking as they go through a process.

How do you use the app?

Because the the app is so feature rich, it takes some time to get comfortable with all of the tools. We suggest starting with images and the basic annotation tools such as having your students use the writing tools to write on the screen or annotate an image. Helpful tutorials are available in the menu.

Use the floating menu on the left side of the screen to add content to the page. When you press record, all annotations, audio, and other movements will be recorded. You can edit parts of the recording using the timeline. Adding a slide is like adding a new clip to a video. Slides can easily be rearranged, duplicated or deleted. When the video is exported, the slides will be joined together into a single video.

How do students share their projects?

Students can use the share button to export videos and images. They can also export and share projects they created with others. The live collaborative features are only available with a paid subscription.

Tutorial and Project Ideas

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