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Poll Everywhere

Grade Level K-12
Set-up Easy
Question Types Multiple Choice, Written Response, True/False
Searchable Examples No
Group Size Whole class


  • Gather quick group feedback
  • Embed live polls into PowerPoint and Google Slides


  • Only allows you to ask one question at a time
  • The free version is limited to 40 responses per poll
  • Feedback is anonymous and grading is not available in free version

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll everywhere is a polling tool that allows teachers to get quick in-the-moment audience feedback.

What is set-up like?

The teacher creates an account using their email and is given a unique username. Students can use the given link “www.pollev.com/username” to answer any live polls. The presenter can have one live poll at a time. To ask an additional question, they would need to end the poll and make another question live. Questions can be saved in advance or created on the fly. There are a few commonly used questions that are available to use under the “more” option. Students can enter their responses using a link or simply use their cell phone to text their responses. Students can only respond to one question at a time. Students could create an account and add polls into their own presentations.

What type of data feedback is available?

Poll Everywhere is primarily used for collecting general feedback anonymously from a group of students. Several question types are available including multiple choice, ranking, clickable image, survey, open ended and Q&A. Responses can be visualized as a graph, cluster, ticker, or a word cloud. The data would inform the teacher on how the class is doing.

See it in Action