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Adobe Spark Page

Devices iPad, Chromebook, Windows
Grade Level 8-12
Experience Level Beginner
Media Type Website
Materials None


  • Variety of visual layouts and scrolling animations
  • Searchable library of pictures with sources automatically cited at the bottom of the page
  • Inspiration gallery with ideas
  • Projects sync between web and app versions


  • Must be 13+ to create an account
  • Limited themes

What is Adobe Spark Page?

Adobe Spark Page allows the user to use text, photos, and video to create stunning visual stories and presentations.

How do you use the app?

The interface is simple and easy for a beginner to use. Saved pages can be accessed and edited from the app or from the web at spark.adobe.com. Students can use their Google logins instead of creating a new account. Content such as photos, text, button links, glideshows, and videos are added to the page by simply clicking on the “+” buttons on the page.

How do students share their projects?

Students use export the project as a public link to a web page. Students can choose to allow Adobe to share their work on the Adobe Spark website. If changes are made after it is exported, the page can be exported again without changing the original link.

Tutorial and Project Ideas

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