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Grade Level 3-12
Set-up Easy
Question Types Multiple Choice, Written Response
Searchable Examples Yes
Group Size Whole group


  • Variety of game formats to choose from
  • Easily import Quizlet study sets
  • Excellent report of student activity
  • Students can join a game late


  • You can only have 5 kits on the free version
  • You can only edit a kit once.
  • Limited to multiple choice questions.

What is Gimkit?

Gimkit is a game based formative assessment app where students use strategy to earn the most money possible. Students earn money for each multiple choice question they answer correctly. They can use that money to purchase bonuses that will help them earn money faster.

What is set-up like?

You can create a kit from scratch or import from a Quizlet study set. For each question you will need one correc t answer and three distractors. When you are done building, press play. There are two modes to choose from. In the classic mode students on their own and in team mode they compete in teams. There are 4 game options:

  1. Time - All players aim to reach the cash goal. Everybody must reach the cash goal to finish.
  2. Target - All players aim to reach the cash goal. Everybody must reach the cash goal to finish.
  3. Race - All players compete to be first to reach the cash goal. Once a player reaches the goal, the game is over!
  4. All In - All players try to earn as much money as they can, but the game ends when the collective total of all players meets the cash goal.

Once you have chosen a game, press play and a code will be generated. Students go to gimkit.com/play and enter the code.

What type of data feedback is available?

You can export a PDF report that shows how they responded to the questions as a class and for each individual.

See it in Action