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Grade Level 3-12
Set-up Moderate
Question Types Multiple Choice, Written Response, True/False, Drawing
Searchable Examples Yes
Group Size Whole class


  • Easily import PowerPoints and Slides
  • Push student submissions and data to the class


  • The free account is limited to 30 participants
  • It can be cumbersome to join with codes
  • You must wait for all students to submit before sharing student responses or they will be locked out
  • The drawing tools are limited

What is Nearpod?

Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool. Teachers can create slide presentations (similar to PowerPoint) and view them in real time with their students. They can also add interactive slides such as quizzes, polls, videos, images, simulations, 3D models, collaboration boards, and drawing slides called draw-its.

What is set-up like?

Creating a Nearpod lesson is similar to making a PowerPoint slideshow. You can edit the slides by adding text, images, PDF files, or just simply import an existing slideshow from PowerPoint or Slides. Interactive formative assessment can be embedded into lessons as free response, multiple choice, or a poll. The interactive activities are added to a presentation as separate slides. Students use their device to write, type, or select their answers. The teacher generates a code to the lesson to share with their students. There are limited free lessons available to use and lessons can be shared easily with others by email. Nearpod lessons are traditionally used for whole class instruction and the teacher controls the pace of the presentation. However, you can assign a Nearpod lesson as student paced as well for students to complete independently.

What type of data feedback is available?

Nearpod is great for collecting data quickly during a presentation. When students submit their work, teachers can review it and even share the responses with all iPads in the classroom. Reports are automatically saved for each session and sorted by date. You can download a PDF or CSV file of all of the interaction in the session.

See it in Action