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Quizlet Live

Grade Level K-12
Set-up Moderate
Question Types Multiple Choice
Group Size Groups


  • Engaging, quick and competitive
  • Collaborative, all students must participate in order to advance a team
  • Because wrong answers send teams back to zero, students stop to think about answers rather than a quick response just to move along.


  • When one team wins, the game is over for everyone
  • Must have at least 12 terms and must have at least 6 participants
  • No individual feedback or progress monitoring

What is Quizlet Live?

Quizlet Live is a free in-class game where students work in teams to learn study sets on Quizlet. Teams work together to correctly match the terms and definitions in a study set. Correct answers advance the team, but wrong answers send the team back to zero. The first team to match all of their terms and definitions wins! Team progress is displayed on the teacher screen throughout the game. The winning team including student names is displayed on the teacher and student screens at the end of the game.

What is set-up like?

The teacher needs an account at www.quizlet.com. When they start a game, a game pin is created. Students go to www.quizlet.live to use the game pin to join the game. You need at least six students to play the game. Students are sorted into random groups. When the groups have found their team, the teacher can begin the game. Click HERE to access a “How To Use Quizlet Live” guide.

What type of data feedback is available?

At the end of the game, both the teacher and students can see a list of questions they answered correctly and incorrectly. No formal reports are available.

See it in Action