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Grade Level 3-12
Set-up Easy
Question Types Written Response, Matching, Drawing
Searchable Examples No
Group Size Individual


  • Teacher can see each screen while the student is working
  • Students can help their peers
  • Assignments are saved until deleted


  • It is not possible to create a course the the free version. Students must always use a code to login.
  • The list of assignments can become cluttered. You can search assignments if you know their name.
  • Limited tools for formatting text on the slides

What is Classkick?

Classkick is a tool that allows the teacher to monitor student work in real time and provide quick feedback. The teacher develops lessons with editable slides where students can complete work. While in the App, the teacher has access to see live student progress on the assigned task. Students can write, type and record responses along with support their peers. The created classes and assignments remain indefinitely.

What is set-up like?

Go to Classkick.com and sign in as a teacher. Teachers create an assignment and add a roster of students to it. Students access the assignment using a join code. Students can remain in the assignment as long as it is “live.” There are limited premade examples to use: Examples. Students can navigate at their own pace through the lesson created by the teacher. The teacher does not have the ability to stop students from going to the next slide.

What type of data feedback is available?

Students follow the slides created by the teacher (similar to a PowerPoint) completing the directions for each slide. Teachers can view the slides of each student and write directly on them or provide audio support in the moment or at another time. The majority of feedback is live in the moment formative assessment. Activities can be assigned as homework or away from the teacher to view at another time.

See it in Action